BLOX Taxes And Burn

Here You Can Find Details On BLOX Transaction Fees And Burns
Every Buy And Sell On DEX (Decentralised Exchanges) have a 2% tax fee per transaction
  1. 1.
    1% of each transaction is reflected back to all holders including the dead wallet increasing burned BLOX tokens. Reflections received per transaction is based on BLOX Holding amount in wallet. The More BLOX you hold the more reflected amount you receive per buy or sell on DEX
  2. 2.
    1% of each transaction is collected by our smart contract depending on what chain the transaction took place on and is currently burned
When the contract has collected totalsupply / 20000 in BLOX it will release it to BNB or ETH depending on what chain has reached the total collected amount
BLOX is bought back from market using collected amount and added to the burn wallet.
When BLOX Supply reaches 50 million tokens left in circulation burns will stop and accumulated 1% funds will be used for development costs
Burns from reflections will always continue as the dead wallet will hold significant BLOX Tokens and will receive BLOX from every buy and sell